Danielle offers intuitive, individualized, thorough, holistic care throughout the entirety of your journey.
Midwifery care is a partnership between mom, baby, family and midwife. You can expect during a prenatal visit that we are addressing all of the clinical aspects of your care, with a strong focus on education and shared decision making. Danielle believes that developing a trusting relationship with your midwife is a key component to achieving a successful pregnancy and birth. 

- Comprehensive evidence based prenatal care and education
- Routine obstetrical lab work
- Checking vitals, ie. blood pressure, weight gain, urine test
- Thorough health history
- Physical exam
- Measuring growth of baby and assessing fetal heart tones
- Identifying and referring women who require obstetrical attention
- Ultrasound diagnostic/anatomy scan referral at 20-22 weeks
- Education regarding nutrition, exercise and your emotional wellbeing
- 45 mins-1 hour long prenatal appointments
- Monthly visits until 28 weeks
- Bi weekly visits 28-36 weeks
- Weekly visits 36 weeks - birth

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care includes:

When the big day arrives, your midwife will be with you every step of the way. She strives to be as clinical as necessary while trusting your body and the process of birth. She is committed to helping you achieve a healthy physiological birth by giving you the support you desire while minimizing unnecessary interventions that can interrupt this process. She trusts that your body is uniquely equipped to birth your baby when both body and baby are ready. 

- Support for your birth plan preferences
- Assessing mom's vitals
- Intermittent fetal monitoring
-Water birth or land birth
-Freedom to move during labor
- Minimal vaginal exams
- Self directed pushing
-Immediate skin-to-skin contact with mom and early breastfeeding
- Delayed cord clamping and allows placenta to deliver when ready
- Mother-baby herbal bath
- A complete physical examination for baby



The postpartum period is a very important for mother, baby and the entire family. Caring for your new baby is an exciting time and may be a bit overwhelming. Danielle is here for you to help with general questions and concerns, ensuring comprehensive breastfeeding support and give referrals for pediatric care providers when needed. Care with your midwife will continue for you and baby beyond birth through six weeks postpartum. 

- Minimum of three postpartum visits, and more as necessary
-Assessment for Postpartum Depression using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
- Available by phone/email/text as needed

- At 2 days postpartum: complete check-up for baby (screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease, weight/growth assessment, the first newborn metabolic screening, weight check), breastfeeding and lactation support, physical and emotional evaluation of mom
- At 2 weeks postpartum: complete check-up for baby, weight/growth assessment, newborn metabolic screen, and checking in with mom to see how she's doing
- At 6 weeks postpartum: complete checkup for baby, weight/growth assessment, complete physical for mom and pap smear, assessment of mom's physical and emotional well-being, and family planning counseling if you wish. 



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