Danielle Hogan became far more than a midwife to our family. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to discern what is best is what makes her a good midwife. But it's her warmhearted nature, persistent encouragement, and steadfast faith in the Lord that makes her a phenomenal midwife... and now someone we consider to be family.  
Our prenatal appointments felt more like having coffee with a friend rather than a medical appointment. It's one thing for a pregnant mama to connect with her midwife, but Danielle went out of her way to bond with my husband as well, so my appointments truly became OUR appointments to see our baby because he felt so included. She even sought my husband's advice for me at one point during my labor, which I appreciated because he knew my wishes, and I'm not sure I would have given a rational response at that point in labor.  
Danielle prayed throughout our pregnancy with us, and praying fervently during my labor, which was incredibly touching and powerful. I truly believe her prayers were answered and helped my labor progression and safety. Her encouragement throughout my labor was so helpful and needed!  
I was not extremely familiar with the midwifery model of care, so I expected once our daughter was born that we would not communicate much. With Danielle, that has not been the case. I feel comfortable contacting her with all my "First Mom Fears" and questions, and she has graciously answered each one of them with encouragement and sound advice. She continues to ask about our family and my husband's career plans as well, which is incredibly thoughtful. Right now we are soaking up our time with our daughter, but we have already agreed that we can't imagine having our next baby without Danielle! 

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