When you hear people talk about baby’s position, usually you think about either head down, transverse or breech. But there are actually many different positions they can be in, even when they are head down! Did you know that the position of the baby’s head in the birth canal can really affect the way a […]

Exercises for Optimal Fetal Positioning | Side Lying Release

Why do we want the cervix to soften? As you near the end of pregnancy, a woman’s cervix will begin the process of softening as your body prepares for the birth. It softens so it can efface (thin and stretch) and dilate (open up), which needs to happen for the baby to pass through the […]

When it comes to your prenatal, labor & delivery and postpartum journey, there are so many benefits to having a midwife caring for you. I am often asked what sets midwifery care apart from other forms of care, and today I am sharing some of the reasons with you! Benefits of Midwifery Care Midwives offer […]

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