2 Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby

2 Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby

Motherhood is a journey. There are high moments and low moments. Laughter, hugs and love, but also tears, frustration and anxiety. I came across this post and loved the advice that was shared: Put them in water or take them outside

Wow – so simple but so powerful!
The next time your baby is fussy and cranky, but they are dry, fed, and not sleepy, I encourage you to try one of these two things:

Put them in water
Try giving your baby a bath! The water, the change of scenery and the warmth can do wonders to a fussy baby. Take the time to play with them, watch them splash in the water, and practice taking a few calming breaths for yourself as well.


Take them outside
Fresh air and sunshine can instantly change your child’s mood.  I have had so many mamas tell me how one of the few ways they could calm their baby down was by going outside and pacing the driveway or pushing the stroller around the neighborhood. Plus getting your blood circulating and the rhythmic nature of walking can help change your mood as well. Win win!

Best of all? It works on kids of all ages – not just babies!

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