Motherhood is a journey. There are high moments and low moments. Laughter, hugs and love, but also tears, frustration and anxiety. I came across this post and loved the advice that was shared: Put them in water or take them outside Wow – so simple but so powerful! The next time your baby is fussy […]

2 Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby

When it comes to your prenatal, labor & delivery and postpartum journey, there are so many benefits to having a midwife caring for you. I am often asked what sets midwifery care apart from other forms of care, and today I am sharing some of the reasons with you! Benefits of Midwifery Care Midwives offer […]

Benefits of Midwifery Care -

Are you wondering what foods are best to eat when you’re pregnant? If you’re looking for a specific diet plan, Paleo, Trim Healthy Mama and Whole30 are a great place to start. In general, eat mostly plants, lean meats and smart carbs. Avoid refined sugar, excessive grains, fast food and sugary drinks like sodas. If […]

I have never blogged before…. truthfully I’m not much of a writer but I am hoping to post some useful pregnancy, momma baby friendly and in general useful info here from time to time. Look at that umbilical cord!  It’s wonderful  😍  not to mention those sweet baby eyes.    Notice how calm this baby […]