Benefits of Babywearing

Benefits of Baby Wearing

(guest post by Becca from Happily the Hicks)

It’s no surprise that I love babywearing. Even before I found out I was pregnant with my firstborn, I couldn’t WAIT to someday sling my baby. I enjoyed following ring sling accounts, seeing pictures of other mamas wearing their babies, and dreaming about the day I would get to do the same. So you can imagine how emotional and special it was to me the first time I ever got to wear James.

He was only five days young. Tiny. Fragile. New.
My sweet doula helped me get him all cozy and snug in the sling, and the minute he was in place my heart skipped a beat.
I was finally doing it.
Finally wearing my baby.
And it was exactly what I dreamt it would be.

A few tears popped in my eyes and I quickly blinked them away. I looked up at Isaac and said “This is what I’ve been waiting for”. He smiled down at me and replied “I know babe. You did it!”

Babywearing has been such a helpful tool to survive the first year with each of my babies. I love the freedom it provides, the snuggles I get, and all the amazing benefits it provides to both the baby and their parent. 


One of the main reasons I was so attracted to baby wearing in the first place is because of all the amazing benefits it has for the baby. According to Babywearing International, KellyMom and Dr. Sears, it has the following benefits for babies:
– Babies are overall happier when worn.
– They are healthier due to the stimulation from being touched and held more.
– The baby feels comforted and loved as they bond with the person carrying them. 
– Some babies actually nurse better in slings!
– It reduces colic, because they have less of a need to cry.
– Babywearing enhances learning, since they are exposed to more experiences and conversations. Also since they spend less time crying, they have more time to soak in the world around them.
– It’s reassuring to the baby when the mom walks around wearing them. Just like those 9 months they were in the womb. 

Benefits of Baby Wearing


– Promotes bonding between parent and baby. 
– Allows both hands to be free to do things around the house, take care of other siblings, and so much more! 
– Parent is not tied down to a chair/couch if a baby needs to be held more. 
– They are more confident, as they get to know their baby better each time they sling. 
– Can reduce sibling rivalry. 

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