Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Well… It’s summer and it’s HOT here in Texas. I’ve collaborated with Becca from Happily the Hicks on another blog post, this time sharing fun ways to stay cool this summer! It’s perfect for pregnant mamas, those with kiddos at home, and really just anyone needing some new ideas on how to enjoy the summer without melting in the heat. Stay tuned the next few posts for a few of my favorite ideas!

Tip 1: make your water fun!

Infused water is such a great idea to add flavor to your water without all the yucky stuff in flavored store bought water.
Try adding things like lemons, peaches, watermelons, berries and mint leaves to your water, let it sit for a few hours, then sip away!

Tip 2: Play in the Water!

If you’re a mom, then you probably already know how amazing it is to play in the water. The kids have a blast, get out their energy, and you can stay cool too by playing with them! You could also go to waterparks with kid friendly playzones, set up a pool or sprinkler in your backyard or even just put the kids in the bath. And don’t be afraid to join in on the fun. You’ll make memories AND stay cool at the same time – win, win!

Tip 3: Sensory bins

A fun way to get the kids playing and exploring this summer is with sensory bins. Make an adventure out of it by going to a dollar store to buy toys, then come home and let them play! Fill the bins with water and sand, water beads (they are so fun!), kinetic sand, or rice. Play some music, talk to the kids about what they’re doing, and let them explore!

Tip 4: Popsicles

I saved the tastiest tip for last! Who doesn’t love an ice cold popsicle to help beat the heat of summer? You can head to your favorite popsicle shop, or try making your own at home. An easy way to make them is by freezing your favorite smoothie blend in a popsicle mold! So yummy and the perfect summer treat.

Check out her blog post for more ideas!

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